Monday, September 24, 2012


sounds like my title is a bit boring.. but.. I just want to share something..
is actually same as
haha! I just change a bit .. follow my style :D
so.. actually I want to story about.. my life at college.. you what.. I already finish up my final with the big smile.. but not for all subject.. actually for some subject.. hehehehehehe! and you know what.. only 2 weeks more. I wil be a senior.. haha! so after this.. my junior will call me.. 
isn't sweet??
totally can't wait it..
hahahah! just joke! what I know about it. when we became a senior.. our responsibility is became more big!
it because.. we will manage a event for our junior and other college members.. ouh! is sooooo! bored!
not because of the event.. but its bored .. because of the senior! I mean .. not us.. but the older senior.. haha OLDER??!
what lah!
yes! because of them! I be bored at the college..  :D
im not trying to back them. but that is the real! I really not comfortable with them .. not all of them.. just some of them.. always make a stupid double iq face.. thinks there was cool.. but actrually not! they look dummy to me! hahah! hey! don't think that you are the most handsome guy.. okay.. 
okay! end it!
so,.. 2 weeks more i will became a senior.. how i wan t to face my junior?? hahah! what ever.. I just can't wait for the new semester .. the more fast I finish up my semester.. the more fast I finish up my study in Diploma Corprate Administration :D

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