Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dear Luna


Dear Luna,
I'm know. I always busy with my college and always get tired when I'm home. And sometimes I don't have the time to spend with you. I was really sorry sayang.  I love you so much sayang. 

I still remember how was strong you are before this! After you get bite from one of my cat. I was really sad on that time. I was at college on that time. I got a call from my mum said you had bited with silverstone (one of my cat) and I was really shocked at that time. Terus risau sgt pasal Luna. Dapat call petang tu, habis kelas terus balek nak tgk Luna. You on that time was really stronger. Mama really proud of you sayang. Macam mana mama lepas kan Luna dlam bilik. And bagi Luna jalan dalam bilik. Then Luna sesat, I called you many times, suddenly I heard your voices.! Suara Luna dalam sakit, directly I go to you and take you.

My mum always adviced me, jangan cium Luna or whatever. But, I don't care at all. Everytime I changed your bed I never put you back dalam sangkar. I bring you to taman, untuk jalan2. Tak pun I just let you play in my room. Bila sesat I called you back then Luna will answered it. 

Hurmmm. Now you gone. I'm sorry sebab tak cari kan pasangan untuk Luna. Tak sempat nak cari kan. Sorry Luna. Luna mesti nak ada anak kan?? Sorry sgt xdpt carikan untuk Luna.

Luna sayang.
Thanks dapat temankan mama almost one and half year. Thanks for playing with me. Mama mandikan Luna pun, Luna tak marah. Thanks sayang. Kita jumpe kat akhirat. I REALLY LOVE YOU SAYANG. WE GONNA MEET AT AKHIRAT. INSYAllah.

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