Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lesson from Maleficent

Maleficent use to be a innocent girl. She fall in love with one boy. On her 16 birthday. Maleficent receive a kiss as the present. The truth love kiss. That what the boy said to her.

After a long time. The boy seems forget about her. But, maleficent didn't. She still waiting for him. Suddenly, when he come back to maleficent. He come with a plan. A plan to kill her. But, he fail to kill her. Then what happen next? He stole the wings from maleficent. 

She start to come over her life. Then, maleficent a girl with innocent face become to a devil fairy.

All because of the greedy ,egoism and betray from a man. Love is actually a sweet things ever. And love also make us feel alive. But when the person that we love is betraying us it's feel like, being dead while you still breathing.. appreciate the person that really love you. And don't ever trying to find someone who better than ourself. 

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