Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cik ina.

Sometimes i being bitch with you. I being annoiying to you. Its hard to deal with you. You teach me, become a strong women, but i idol other person not you.

Now, you old already and I get mature day by day. I started to busy with my friends and job. Talk about how fuck the smell of money. 

We are not talking about all the fucking rude people out there. Gossip about all the bitches that make me sick. We rarely lepak at dapur. Act like we are on the TVs show. AFC is our favorite channel eventho you like animal planet more than AFC channel. And abah will comment ;

"tak habis2 tengok binatang!".

We also crying together when watch the animal die. Damn! I Hate that part!. Then you will give your summary about the TVs show. I hate to hear it. But you keep summaries it. --'

I never say I love you everyday to you. Like I did with my ex. I rarely update about you in my social life. I keep edit about stupid fucking things. But, you pernah cakap;
"Geli aku tengok mak dengan anak manja macam tu!"

i know mak. You want it to kann?? Then I keep hug you. Every time I hug you. You will said;

"Semak lahh! Rimas aku dengan orang macam kau ni!"

Mak. We also speak alien language! Until syazyan said;
"bahasa Alien dah keluar "

You always said "aloalo telebu terpenawt keww. Apaat. Apattt. Mehh. Apatt. "

When I get tired. You love to kacau me rest. Pulling my leg, blocking my way, Yelling to my ears. Grrrrrrrr! when I get angry. You will said;
"Jangan tension. Saje aku kacau kau. "

Mak ,I know you try to make me laugh. Damn!

Let we race, who will leave this world first. You or me? If Allah love me more than He love you Mak. Keep praying for your insane daughter. Make sure you not crying on my grave. Every time you memorizing me. Keep Al-Fatihah for me mak.


You told me. If you die.
Don't cry.
Keep bathing you.
Don't cry.
Keep kapan kan you.
Don't cry.
Follow you until tanah kubur.
Don't cry.

You know mak. I try. I try be strongest like you.  If I failed. I'm sorry mak.


Ur fucking insane daughter.

*Mak I know you not gonna read my blog. Haha. So I can kutuk you at here. Muahahahaha! Sorry mak. I promise i never be 'Anak yahudi' to you"  :*

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